Our Challenges

Week by week the number of dogs is growing and our very few volunteers are faced with the ever increasing challenges. But against all odds we continue to work tireless to help Animals in need


The Location

The shelter is set on land near the lake at Koycegiz, a location that brings a whole set of problems of its own. The land has no drainage and, as a result, the winter rains leave most of the shelter waterloogged and the dogs living spaces filled with mud. The summer brings its own problems. When the tempratures rise up to 40 degrees the shelter struggles to offer shade to dogs allocated in areas with no trees.


Our Facility and Dog Housing

With the ever increasing dog poulation and lack of funds we greatly struggle to maintain, update and grow the facility in order to sustain animal health, welfare requirements and keep contagious diseases contaminated.


Too many Dogs too few Humans

Currently we operate with 2 Turkish full time workers which are being provided and paid by the municipality and few committed volunteers. Generally we have 4 people on site to care for 520 dogs with no veterinarian support.

We all work so hard but essentially we are too few to look after the general cleaning duties, care for the healthy and sick dogs, administer medicine and monitor dogs to ensure their mental and physical well being. 



Limited Financial Resources

The shelter relies heavily on donations to pay for inoculations, medications, vet bills, cleaning materials, building materials and tradesmen. The municipality currently provides 200 x 15kg of low quality dry food, which is not enough to feed all our dogs especially during the winter time. The remainder, as well as tinned food, puppy food, special diatatery requirements are all funded by donations.


Limited Adoptions

A shelter should not be the final destination for a dog, therefore our main goal is to find loving forever homes for our dogs. Sadly the majority of your dogs never leave the shelter and experience a loving home.