A wish list for the animals at Koycegiz Dogs

Most of all our Dogs wish for a forever home, but, in the meantime, they can really use the items off our wishlist to keep them healthy, clean and warm. 


  • Our facility and Dog housing needs to be desperately updated to protect the dogs from rain and cold in winter and unbearable heat during the summer time
  • Designated quarantine area which is easily cleanable and sterilised in order to keep contagious diseases contaminated
  • Several cesspits to drain dog sewage
  • Industrial washing machine 
  • Support with ever increasing vet bills
  • Flea & tick treatment for all dogs at least twice a year
  • High Quality dog food including tinned food, puppy food and special dietary requirements dog food
  • More smaller living containers
  • Additional Dog houses to accommodate all of our Dogs
  • Properly kitted out vet room with air conditioning  
  • A veterinarian on site
  • Our own water supply in a form of a well
  • Own supply of electric